JonBenet Ramsey

In Memory of JonBenet Ramsey - The Girl who Loved Pageants
JonBenet Patricia Ramsey (August 6th 1990 – December 25th/26th 1996) is probably the most well known of all child Pageant Stars, sadly made famous by her unsolved murder and the subsequent media coverage.

Colorado State All-Star kids Pageant: April 1994.
Little Miss Charlevoix: July in 1994.
Tiny Miss Beauty: unknown year.
America's Royale Tiny Miss: Division title: July, 1996.
America's Royale Miss Colorado Dream Queen: July 1996.
Miss Colorado Sunburst: October 1995.
Sunburst National Pageant: 2nd place: August 1996.
Colorado's Little Miss Christmas: December 17th 1996.
Colorado's All-stars Christmas Pageant: Metal for talent: December 22nd 1996.

Excellence in Pageantry
Here at Pageant Stars USA we have great affection for darling JonBenet Ramsey and feel that her memory and her outstanding ‘Excellence in Pageantry’ deserves to be honored. JonBenet Ramsey forever in our hearts! All our love! XXX

Here is our tribute video to her.