Pageant Photo-Backers

Professional Photogenic Presentation
Photo-backers are a contestants decorative identification label and are essentially used to show personality and professionalism in pageant photogenic competitions.  Photo-backers typically show a smaller copy of the contestants photogenic entry photo, along with her name and age, and are placed in a protective sleeve behind her 10x8 size photogenic entry picture. Some contestants swear by their photo-backers. Not only do they look much better than a plain piece of paper just showing the contestant's name and age, but a photo-backer will catch the Judges' attention, and therefore help a contestant stand out from the rest.

The Pageant Stars USA Crown Studio now has a range of pre-designed 10x8 Photo-backers for your photogenic needs. Many of the pageant photo-backers are designed with a stylish Photographic/Modeling/Entertainment/Media theme which will complement your photos entered for Photogenic! At ONLY $5.00 each they are EXCELLENT value too!!! If you order three photo-backers at the same time, you can choose an extra one absolutely FREE!!! It's easy to order. Just choose your photo-backer/s from our range of designs and when ordering, quote the unique photo-backer range number, which is shown below each design. Order through our Facebook! Send your photos in a large size and quote the photo-backer range number you want that photo to appear on,  so to become your new photo-backer! (One photo per photo-backer). You can have a different photo for every photo-backer design, or have the same photo on any different four photo-backers! In other words you can mix and match any of your photos with any photo-backer design of your choice! Take a look at our range now and choose your new  photo-backer today! Just as an example we have shown Samantha's cute photo and her name and age, just to show you how your photo, name and age might look.
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NOTE: Payment is accepted in either US Dollars or British Pounds via Pay Pal but is paid in advance of any work undertaken.
$5.00 USD or £3.50 GBP for each!
*What you get a finished ‘10x8 Photo-backer’ in jpg file format sent to you via your email. You will have to print out your photo-backer on either your own home computer printer or by way of a third party such as a printers or photographic shop.

The Pageant Stars USA Photo-Backers Range


The Valentines Photo-backer rang has 4 different designs to choose from all with the theme of love. Great for Valentine's Day themed pageants!

The Happy Holidays photo-backer range has 8 individual festive designs to choose from.  Any of these seasonal backers are perfect for Christmas pageants and are sure to give your Christmas competition photo a real festive quality!


The 'Rhinestone Cascade' photo-backer range has a colorful cascade of sparkling rhinestones with four colors to choose from: Blue, Green, Pink and Red.  The fine gold text is centred and positioned below the gold photo frame which is encrusted with sparkling diamonds. The filmstrip down the left side completes the design and complements the photogenic theme.

The 'Media Player' photo-backer range captures the essence of seeing your pageantry movies/pictures on your computer or ipad etc. Your photo is positioned within the Pageant Media Player screen along side the white title text. Just to complete the movie/media theme there is a clapperboard in the bottom right corner, with the writing on it: 'Photo Competition Contestant, Take 1, Scene 1, Act 1'.

The 'Glitz Rock' photo-backer range has four different designs to choose from; a faded camera lens with flare, a glitter ball, a faded microphone with gold music notes, or a forward shining spotlight. Each design includes bold gold text and has an ornate element gold photo frame with a sparkling ruby to show your photo. Also included is a faded film strip upon the black and gold sparkling background!

The 'Pathway To The Stars' photo-backer range has a black and color background with large bold text of matching color. On the left, a film strip pathway leads into the distance to a bright beaming star illuminating the contestant's name. A pretty  arrangement of white stars above and below the contestant's picture completes this simple but effective photo-backer.


The 'Red White and Blue' photo-backer range is ideal for any pageant with a patriotic theme especially ones celebrating July 4th.  You can fly the flag proudly with this balloon filled photo-backer with or without embellishments of a microphone, a guitar, or a sash and bow. The patriotic theme continues with a red white and blue sparkling rhinestone photo frame to frame your photogenic photo and text in Red White and Blue bold letters. The filmstrip finishes off this great looking photo-backer! An ideal choice of photo-backer for the young patriot proud to be an American!

The 'Lipstick' photo-backer range captures all the pageant glamour with lipstick! There are three popular lipstick shades, Red, Cherry, and Hot Pink to choose from and a selection of color backgrounds, Black, Silver, Pink, and Violet. Your photogenic picture will look truly outstanding in the stylish gold frame embellished with roses matching the lipstick color! The text is written in lipstick too! To capture the photogenic feel there is a camera lens and filmstrip which altogether makes for a great photo-backer that will surely grab the judges attention!

The 'Show Business' Photo-backer range incorporates everything that is to do with the stage. It's Camera, Lights, Action! for the girl who chooses from this selection of photo-backers. There are different designs available with various text styles to choose from. The background consists of a rich red stage curtain in front of which is a sparkling frame of bright lights to showcase your photogenic photo. Various embellishments such as lights, filmstrips, cameras and film reels, etc add to the Show Business theme which gives these photo-backers a great entertainment look. An excellent choice of photo-backer if you love being on stage and in the spotlight!

The 'Photo Gold' photo-backer range consists of glowing gold text and a shiny gold frame to frame your photo. Its embellishments of a filmstrip, camera, faded camera lens and sparkles upon a colored background, all combine to give you a photo-backer with a semi-glitz modeling/photographic look.

The 'Spectrum' photo-backer range lives up to its name with its multi-colored rainbow text and photo frame. It has embellishments of a large curly filmstrip and faded camera lens upon a flared background of various gradient colors. A bright and cheerful photo-backer with a modeling/photographic feel.

The 'Photogenic Beauty' photo-backer range has a background of various colors inset into a single frame of filmstrip and color text. It embellishments include a faded camera lens, bright camera flash and sparkle, and a pageant sash emblazoned with the words 'Miss Photogenic Beauty'. A photo-backer which is sure to catch the judges eye!

The 'Photo Play' photo-backer range has white bold stylish text upon a black or multi-colored single frame filmstrip. Its embellishments of a black camera, curling filmstrip and added sparkles make for stylish and effective modeling/photographic themed photo-backer.

The J'ubilee' photo-backer range consists of a colored background with matching color glittered words and photo frame with an embellished photographic theme of faded film, a camera lens and studio light beams/flashes. The Jubilee photo-backer range is ideal if you want to choose your favorite color or if you wish to match a particular color to that in your photogenic entry photo, such as your hair bow or your dress etc.

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